When creating a new logotype I’m always aiming to convey an idea on more than one level. Yes, the logo has to be clear, recognisable and able to stand the test of time, but where possible I’m also looking to add a crucial secondary element which shows the core essence of what the brand does. Sometimes it’s appropriate within the concept, sometimes not, but it’s a challenge that I always enjoy.

Here are a selection of logo types and brand marks that I’ve created over the years.


Arlington Interiors

Interior Design & Build Agency


Art Estates

Property Management


Business Investment Developers

Constant Design

Creative Design Agency

Chaos & Rocket Fuel

Online Productivity Magazine


Formula 1

International Schools Competition

Flack Manor

Craft Brewery


Hybrid Drive Cup Golf Championship

MacLaurin Creative

Design Studio

Manders West

Construction Company

Midnight Poetry Press

Bespoke Letterpress Studio

Midnight Poetry Press

Bespoke Letterpress Studio

Nigel Millard



Social Time Planning App